Have access to personalized reports

Have access to dashboards, reports and metrics and see how our platform helps your business grow.


Digital has the advantage that everything can be measured from the origin of the traffic to the conversion and sale.

Know precisely if your campaigns are experiencing the desired results, who interacted with your emails, who clicked on the links you sent, among others. With reports from
Smarkio you have all the information you need in real time.

The Reports’ advantages

Discover the advantages of Marketing Automation

Interactive graphics allow you to easily determine the number of new visits and returns made to the page and the number of accesses via mobile or desktop, among other options. Compare data with the corresponding previous period.

  • Real Time

    Monitor the results of your campaigns in real time

  • Geographical

    Geographic analysis allows you to adapt your campaigns taking into account the location of your contacts

  • Multichannel

    Get access to the performance of your campaign divided by the different channels

  • Export

    Export your CSV reports quickly and simply

  • Behavioral Analysis

    Find out which device and / or domain your customers are interacting with

  • Retargeting

    Find out how each campaign, supplier or item is performing and adapt if necessary

  • integrations

    Smarkio allows full integration with the main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on the market

  • marketing_automation_360
    360 degree marketing automation

    The only chatbots solution on the market that is based on a proprietary marketing automation technology.

Compare data interactively.

We are not just a technological solution

We are recognized as business partners, idealizing, building, implementing and helping our customers to obtain the maximum potential of our technological solutions.