Get your customers' attention with Overlays

Smarkio overlays are the best way to capture your visitors’ attention and show them the content you want to promote.
The overlay opens the content on your page inside the browser window, limiting distractions.


With overlays you can define what information to show and when to show it to your customers or visitors.

Whatever is a chatbot, a page or an image your overlay can be defined based on several actions. If the same customer visits your site several times a day you can define what information you want to show and improve your experience with actions based on the customer’s segment.


Discover the advantages of Overlays

Smarkio overlays allow you to improve your visitors’ experience and guarantee the quality of the message you want to convey.

  • Capture information

    The best way to capture your visitors' attention

  • Settings

    Different predefined configurations for visitors in desktop and mobile environments, with the possibility to choose a custom size.

  • Dynamic content

    Define what information you want to promote

  • Smart options

    Decide to which visitors to show the overlay on and on which pages

  • Different types of overlays

    Whether simple or expandable, these overlays allow you to define the positioning on the page and its behavior

  • Limits

    It allows to limit the number of times that an overlay is shown to each visitor per visit, session or time, day, week, among other possibilities.

  • integrations

    Smarkio allows full integration with the main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on the market

  • marketing_automation_360
    360 degree marketing automation

    The only chatbots solution on the market that is based on a proprietary marketing automation technology.

Communicate effectively with your visitors.

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