Smarkio currently operates in a variety of markets and industries. Here we’ll offer you a glimpse of some of the ways that you can take advantage of certain functions that will grow your business.

Examples of success

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Everyday EDP receives contacts via its many partners and suppliers, and they require that various commercial and non-commercial actions be carried out. Forwarded by different suppliers, these contacts are quite often repeated, with some contacts no longer valid, or naturally, still others duplicates arriving under different types of classification. Because of this, a considerable level of complexity is added on to operations in the form of different platforms used and the inability to apply automation.

Thanks to Smarkio, EDP is able to able to eliminate the duplication of contacts through automation, as well as being able to validate and classify contacts in terms of level of importance or communication channel.

In addition to maintaining quality data, the status of the various interactions with the contact is also updated, which allows EDP to keep a complete back history of the contact and to extract relevant information for reporting.

For example, you can readily see how many times a number was contacted by a call center with an invitation to sign up for any promotional campaign, the date the service was requested and the day the service became operational.

Phone House collects contacts which are then distributed to call centers, with the final objective being the sale of triple-play service packages (TV, Internet and phone).

Prior to using Smarkio, Phone House had a daily average of 3 calls answered and 1 sales conversation for each 10 contacts established.

After integrating Smarkio along with text message communication, the numbers increase to 25 calls answered and 10 sales for every 30 contacts, which corresponds to a 33% share in terms of conversion efficiency.

Vodafone holds several events throughout the year geared to different target-publics, namely partners, employee, or clients.

At one of these events, Vodafone used Smarkio to conduct a satisfaction survey of the audience, doing so in a dynamic, innovative and automated way which included sending a text with a link to Google Forms.

The forms imply complex navigation on the mobile level, which translates into participants tending to quickly abandon the satisfaction survey and which leads to inadequate results in terms of results. With Smarkio, Vodafone initiated the sending of text messages with a short link to a chatbot, a tool that is totally prepared to respond in the mobile environment give its great interactive capacity.

Having adopted this process, Vodafone saw its response rate near 95% in contrast with the 45% obtained via normal, static forms. In addition to this action taken via text and chatbot, an e-mail campaign was launched with the same objective, but directed at only those who did not respond to the survey via text message.

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