Discover the best way to manage your contacts

Organize and optimize the way you manage your contacts according to segments, actions and activity of each contact. Your customers’ database is one of the most valuable assets you have.


Get more contacts, track all your actions and activities, and improve your company's results.

With Smarkio support you have access to all interactions that your visitors have on your site and create specific campaigns for these visitors to become customers.


Discover the advantages of Lead Management

Effective lead management results in even more effective results. When creating and / or improving the relationship you have with your contacts, you will start to see the results.
Communicate efficiently and strategically with your visitors and convert them into customers. Smarkio helps you to raise and “nurture” those contacts.

  • Lead deduplication

    Make sure you do not have duplicate contacts. Smarkio allows you to deduplicate this automatically so you can keep a BD clean and avoid repeating communications for the same contact

  • Lead distribution to call centers

    Distribute your leads the way you want them to be contacted by call centers

  • data_protection
    Data protection (GDPR ready)

    Collect data from your users safely, while protecting it the same time.

  • Customer record

    Record all interactions of your contacts and ensure effective communication

  • Conversion funnel

    An optimized conversion funnel is essential to your results. Track the progression of a contact as soon as it arrives at your site and perform the action you want.

  • 360º view

    Know in detail all the actions of your contacts.

  • Multiple Lead Sources

    In a easy way define the origin(s) of your contacts

  • Different types of Integration

    Integrate contacts in different ways on the platform - API, Manual, Forms, Import, SFTP, Manual

  • integrations

    Smarkio allows full integration with the main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on the market

  • marketing_automation_360
    360 degree marketing automation

    The only chatbots solution on the market that is based on a proprietary marketing automation technology.

We are not just a technological solution

We are recognized as business partners, idealizing, building, implementing and helping our customers to obtain the maximum potential of our technological solutions.