Smarkio will easily integrate into your system.

Smarkio integrates in a simple and easy way with the tools you are already using – as well as those that you may opt to use in the future. It includes contacts from other platforms and exports contacts to other services, with everything done quickly and immediately.

Customer relationship management

Managing your customers effectively is fundamental and Smarkio is the perfect complement to the CRM solutions sought by any company, combining relationship management with behavior analysis.

Its easy integration with systems such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce allows for automating the classification of contacts and the assignment of actions as well as the crossing of data obtained during automation marketing campaigns with your CRM system. In this way it becomes possible to send specific personalized messages to each potential customer during each phase in the purchasing cycle as well as to know exactly which campaign brought the purchase to a successful end.

Mycrosoft Dynamics


Messaging tools

Whatever form your intended communication takes, Smarkio can also help you along the way, as it integrates easily with various platforms for sending e-mails and text messages.

Chatbots can also be implemented with instant messaging apps such as Skype, Slack, or Facebook Messenger. For even greater interaction, it is even possible to send the customer along to a live chat with human staff thanks to integration with tools such as Collab Nubitalk, and always assuring no break in the context of the conversation.


Facebook Messenger



Wherever there is an API, Smarkio is there – whether it is via integration with other marketing tools such as Hubspot, with payment gateways such as Boleto, or even with OCR tools for optical reading such as Google Cloud Vision and Microsoft Vision.

And here’s the best part: did you know that your proprietary app can also be integrated with Smarkio?




Facilitating the communication of our customers is one of the factors that moves us and that makes us improve and innovate our platform.
Having a chatbot on the website or Facebook Messenger is more than a necessity, but a way to improve customer service and ensure a prompt and quick response.
Taking into account this reality and the constantly changing needs of users, Smarkio has now integration with WhatsApp so that you can have an automated chatbot responding to your customers on this channel.

This new integration allows you to offer one more communication channel to your customers, automating your brand’s interactions with them and available 24×7. This integration with WhatsApp allows you, in addition to exchanging text messages, to share videos and documents with your customers and vice versa through automated conversation flows.


Push notifications

Push Notifications are increasingly asserting themselves as an effective communication channel, with good acceptance by the general public and allowing the brand to take a more active role.

Push Notifications are messages sent to a browser or mobile device that allow immediate communication between a company / brand / website and its users.

This integration of Smarkio with PushNews allows you to automate the notifications you show to your users, taking into account their behaviour (eg. show message A if you visited the site more than 1 time) and at what times you want to make the message appear. This way you can use all the information that Smarkio collects about interactions with your contacts and include sending Push Notifications in your marketing automation plans.