The power of Email Marketing

Sending emails is one of the most effective channels for off-site retargeting campaigns. Do the configuration of your messages directly on the platform and distribute them at the right time via Automation or Messaging


4 billion users have at least one email account.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels and remarketing. Create your templates quickly, segment your customers effectively so that the message reaches the right recipients at the right time.


Discover the advantages of Email Marketing

Communicate news, promotions or changes with your customers and / or visitors. Smarkio’s Drag & Drop editor allows you to create your templates quickly and allows you to easily include the images you like the best, gifs, countdowns, the latest articles on your blog, among others.

  • Email templates

    Create your templates easily in our Drag & Drop editor or choose one of the available templates

  • Sending Scheduling

    Whether in conjunction with automation or separately, Smarkio allows you to schedule your email deliveries

  • Scalable

    Without limits

  • Opt-ins + Unsubscribes Management

    We guarantee an effective management of your contacts' opt-ins and unsubscribes

  • Dynamic Newsletters

    Create your kits automatically using external content (RSS)

  • IPs

    Possibility to choose between a dedicated or shared IP

  • Statistics

    Know in real time the openings, clicks, CTR, among other data

  • a_b_testing
    A/B Testing

    Create 2 or more versions of your newsletters, change the content and / or subject, choose the percentage of contacts that will receive one or another newsletter and analyze the results

  • Delivery Effectiveness and Security


  • integrations

    Smarkio allows full integration with the main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on the market

  • marketing_automation_360
    360 degree marketing automation

    The only chatbots solution on the market that is based on a proprietary marketing automation technology.

Create your email templates in our Drag & Drop editor and schedule your sendings.

Email Marketing's Biggest Mistakes

When sending your emails know what care you should take

There are several tips to ensure greater efficiency in your Email Marketing results. For that, there are mistakes that can determine the success of your campaigns. Find out what mistakes you should avoid.

  • Test your sendings at different times and days.

  • Make sure you choose a compelling subject.

  • The results may take time. Be patient.

We are not just a technological solution

We are recognized as business partners, idealizing, building, implementing and helping our customers to obtain the maximum potential of our technological solutions.