Automate your processes

Automation makes it possible to relate content to visitors and right contacts – effortlessly, automatically and offsite.

Communicate correctly at the right time

Manage the actions of visitors and / or contacts that receive, defining specific rules for each case. Communicate through email, SMS or chatbot targeting gender, age, place of origin or classification of your database.

Discover the advantages of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to act, automatically, in a scalable and personalized way on all your contacts and all those who interact with your company in the different channels.
Define your goals, plan your campaigns and increase the efficiency of your results, while reducing the time spent, with the help of Smarkio.

  • Flexible targeting

    Define which contacts and when to perform each automation

  • scoring
    Lead Scoring

    Assign a specific scoring to a contact at the expense of a specific action

  • Auto-Responders, Lead Nurturing, Integration with CRM

    Automatically guarantee the quality of the interaction with your contacts.

  • Custom multi channel communication streams

    Choose which channels you want to use to communicate - Email, SMS, Push Notifications

  • Integrations with external systems / webhooks

    Possibility to integrate Smarkio with other platforms

  • Reaction to user interactions

    Based on an action by a visitor / contact (eg.: visit a page; click email, etc.) define what actions to take

  • Data protection (GDPR ready)

    Collect data from your users ensuring their protection.

  • integrations

    Smarkio allows full integration with the main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on the market

  • marketing_automation_360
    360 degree marketing automation

    The only chatbots solution on the market that is based on a proprietary marketing automation technology.

Automate your stock submissions quickly.

We are not just a technological solution

We are recognized as business partners, idealizing, building, implementing and helping our customers to obtain the maximum potential of our technological solutions.