About us

SMARKIO | Sales, Marketing, Integration, Optimization.

Why we do it

Created in 2015, Smarkio is an innovative and complete marketing solution. Cloud-based, it combines a marketing automation platform (MAP) with chatbots.

Smarkio(Sales, Marketing, Integration, and Optimization) is the result of the Impacting Group’s 10 years of experience. We’ve had the privilege of sharing this experience and knowledge with both top clients and leading firms in their fields of business dealings, helping them to define their future.

Smarkio was conceived with the solid knowledge and technological foundations at Adclick, the Portuguese company recognized in 2015 as having the best organization in the tertiary sector and included in the exclusive group of the 500 Best Technology Companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Founded in 2007, Adclick is one of the biggest players in digital marketing in Portugal and operates in Brazil as well as in 5 other countries. The Impacting Group, which includes the companies Adclick, Beeleads and Emailbidding, presents Smarkio as the next step in the evolution of business.

How we do it

Living is learning

Constantly seeking out innovation is the motto we live by every day.

Focusing on the client

We know that each individual case is unique. That’s why at Smarkio we come together to always find the best solution for each client.

Thinking big

Life is too short to think small or to go slow. We pull out all the stops, we act fast, and we make brilliant things happen together.

Doing it right

We have the courage to tackle the difficult problems, the duty to speak up, and the ability to defend what’s right.